Hole in ones at Montgomerie Maxx Royal

Bearing the footprints of legends, Montgomerie Maxx Royal excels at being stage to legendary shots of accomplished golfers.

Golfers who have shot hole in ones at Montgomerie Maxx Royal;

16.03.2020 Mr. Guillaume TURCHETTI (FR) 14th Hole
28.12.2019 Mrs. Maria BUDAYOVA (SK) 16th Hole
21.11.2019 Mr. Wolfgang Kugler (AT) 8th Hole
14.11.2019 Mr. Nick FORD (ENG) 16th Hole
19.05.2019 Mr. James PALMER (ENG) 8th Hole
03.05.2019 Mr. Ad WANDERS (ENG) 5th Hole
26.03.2019 Mr. Ib SKOVGAARD (DM) 8th Hole
18.03.2019 Mr DARIUSZ BOBINSKI (PL) 5th Hole
07.03.2019 ROMAN STEGNE (SI) 2nd Hole
11.02.2019 Katrin Rehemae (EE) 5th Hole
23.10.2018 Zuzana BARANKOVA (CZ) 16th Hole
21.09.2018 Chris LUTHER (ENG) 14th Hole
25.05.2018 Peter KOROTKICH (SCO) 8th Hole
22.05.2018 Bill BATCHEZOR (ENG) 5th Hole
18.05.2018 Ning SHUANG (CN) 8th Hole
07.05.2018 Sepp LECHELT (CHE) 16th Hole
19.03.2018 Phil WEBSTER (ENG) 14th Hole
08.03.2018 Mirko GRUNDER (CHE) 8th Hole
15.02.2018 Viljar PÄRNAMÄE (EST) 2nd Hole
11.02.2018 Klaus-Dieter JUNG (GER) 14th Hole
01.05.2017 Lars ERÄ°KSSON (SWE) 8th Hole
27.04.2017 Yavuz KÜÇÜK (TR) 14th Hole
10.03.2017 Heinz Udo EICNWALD (GER) 5th Hole
30.03.2016 Mary WHYTE (SCO) 2nd Hole
15.10.2015 Anne McCULLOCH (ENG) 16th Hole
30.04.2015 Torgeir NILSEN (NOR) 2nd Hole
25.04.2015 Malcolm GROVER (ENG) 14th Hole
24.04.2015 Gary CHAMBERS (SCO) 5th Hole
13.04.2015 Miyoki OHASHI (JAP) 2nd Hole
23.03.2015 Richard GREGER (NOR) 2nd Hole
23.03.2015 Espen EILEFSEN (NOR) 8th Hole
16.02.2015 Robert WOOD (ENG) 2nd Hole
24.01.2015 Morten LYNGDAL (NOR) 14th Hole
17.12.2014 Fred UHLIG (GER) 16th Hole
05.11.2014 Pauline BAXENDALE (ENG) 2nd Hole
20.03.2014 Peter LARSEN (DEN) 16th Hole
10.11.2013 Jamie DONALDSON (WAL) 16th Hole