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Par 5Black 522mSilver 470mGold 443mRed 410mS.Index 7

Avoid the multiple hazards with an accurate tee shot for a steady start to your round. This long par 5 opening hole is a fair warm up for what is awaiting you on your great journey around Monty's monster...
  • hole >Hole 1

    Par 5

    Black 522m

    Silver 470m

    Gold 443m

    Red 410m

    S.Index 7

    Avoid the multiple hazards with an accurate tee shot for a steady start to your round. This long par 5 opening hole is a fair warm up for what is awaiting you on your great journey around Monty's monster...

  • hole Hole 2

    Par3 Black 148m Silver 131m Gold 131m Red 107m S.Index 17

    This hole gives you the chance to Set the pace for the day... or recover from the hectic start. A gentle par 3 that is a good birdie opportunity

  • hole Hole 3

    Par 4 Black 367m Silver 307m Gold 285m Red 253m S.Index 13

    A nice draw with a long iron or a fairway wood from the tee will leave you a short iron into this undulating green. A long drive that cuts the corner might be rewarded but is not of importance as a deep bunker guards the right of the green.

  • hole Hole 4

    Par 5 Black 527m Silver 459m Gold 428m Red 378m S.Index 9

    Risk or reward. With a long accurate tee shot you might get a chance to reach this par 5 in two. For the more conservative player, the third shot over the water must be well judged as the correct distance is vital.

  • hole Hole 5

    Par 3 Black 205m Silver 185m Gold 154m Red 88m S.Index 11

    Water, water... A long accurate tee shot is required on this mentally challenging par 3. Take plenty of club to carry the lake to a generous green. A fade is the best shot from the tee.

  • hole Hole 6

    Par 4 Black 441m Silver 378m Gold 355m Red 336m S.Index 1

    A tough stretch of par 4s awaits. Make sure to find the fairway as water lurks on the left. The undulating fairway will give you plenty to think about for your long approach to the green.

  • hole Hole 7

    Par 4 Black 420m Silver 401m Gold 383m Red 321m S.Index 5

    Another good drive is required to carry the water. Aim right for the shortest route over the water, but aim left to give yourself the best approach shot into this well-defended, raised green.

  • hole Hole 8

    Par 3 Black 166m Silver 146m Gold 146m Red 121m S.Index 15

    A mid iron to this relatively easy par 3 in the far corner of the course. Be aware of the stream crossing the fairway, it has a magic magnet for golf balls or so it seems...

  • hole Hole 9

    Par 4 Black 408m Silver 369m Gold 349m Red 321m S.Index 3

    A relaxing stroll through the villas has given you the time to refocus. A well placed drive leaves you with an easier angle. into this green protected by the lake in front. Be careful not to go through the green, as a bunker shot back across the green would be testing to say the least.

  • hole Hole 10

    Par 4 Black 331m Silver 291m Gold 268m Red 246m S.Index 16

    A beautiful little par 4 starts the second nine. A strategic tee shot avoids the waste areas and leaves you with a good view of the green. When judging your second shot remember that you are playing downhill.

  • hole Hole 11

    Par 5 Black 521m Silver 477m Gold 458m Red 428m S.Index 10

    A relatively strong par 5 through the pine trees. You need to be both long and accurate as the lines of trees are thick and will penalise the wild shot. Line your tee shot up on the almost unreachable central bunkerfor the best view for your second shot. A raised green will make your approach decisive.

  • hole Hole 12

    Par 4 Black 448m Silver 398m Gold 377m Red 340m S.Index 2

    One of the toughest par 4s on the course and birdies will be rare. The hole is long and it might be wise to play it as a par 5. Don’t be fooled, the bunker on the left is well short of the green.

  • hole Hole 13

    Par 5 Black 516m Silver 463m Gold 444m Red 421m S.Index 8

    Make up your mind, should you go left or right of the trees in the middle of the fairway? For the longer players a tee shot to the left leaves a view of the green round the corner. With a waste bunker splitting the fairway for your second shot this dog legged par 5 will test all your golfing skills.

  • hole Hole 14

    Par 3 Black 161m Silver 137m Gold 137m Red 119m S.Index 14

    Make sure to take plenty of club here to clear the water. Think about the wind above the tree line as it might fool you standing on the tee.It takes a courageous mid-iron to find this green.

  • hole Hole 15

    Par 4 Black 308m Silver 278m Gold 278m Red 235m S.Index 6

    It might be the shortest par 4 on the course but can still cause you lots of trouble. Stay away from the deep bunkers protecting the corner and be careful, this fairway gets narrower the longer you are off the tee.

  • hole Hole 16

    Par 3 Black 165m Silver 157m Gold 135m Red 109m S.Index 18

    Take a moment to enjoy the fabulous view from this tee! The waste area in front of the green is reminiscent of the third hole at Pine Valley, one of Colin's favourite golf courses. The imaginative shape of this green offers numerous interesting hole locations.

  • hole Hole 17

    Par 4 Black 358m Silver 330m Gold 307m Red 286m S.Index 12

    This tee shot is made for Monty's fade. The waste bunker on the right will catch a sliced drive, and the high pine positioned at the front right corner of the green will make you favour the left side entrance to this generous green which is full of slopes.

  • hole Hole 18

    Par 5 Black 510m Silver 485m Gold 449m Red 403m S.Index 4

    A long and challenging par 5 through a wide fairway divided by big waste areas will take you home to the magnificent clubhouse. Keep your concentration and you might pick up a finishing birdie if you can successfully avoid the deep bunkers on the left.